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Welcome to High5God

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Together we can build a foundation to give back to those in need.

What is 

High5God is more than a slogan; it's a spiritual connection.

The first time you hear it, it makes sense without making sense. You know what a "high five" is. You know what God is. Putting these two things together seems strange, almost irreverent.

But once we think about the idea of "High5God" through the lens of gratitude and reverence, it begins to take hold in us. We realize it's a way of channeling the connection we feel when God smiles and interacts with us daily when we understand that in times of sorry or joy, it's not only okay but necessary to reverence Him with thanksgiving and praise – High5God!

Our Mission

High5God seeks to spread a message of exaltation by assisting single parents with life assistance, providing information to make their lives easier, and sharing stories and examples of God's greatness worldwide. Through the supporters of High5God, we are building a foundation that can eventually give back to those most in need of His love.


Meet James

James Webb, CEO & Founder of High5God 

Over the past few years, James has felt a continued calling to share and inspire others with God's miracles in our daily lives. A world-class speaker, author, leadership, communication, and values strategist, James works with teams and individuals, encouraging people to flourish in their lives by practicing simple and effective techniques.

“James gave our men’s group a powerful message that motivates us… all of us… to seek God’s vision for us and to get it after it, knowing God gives us supernatural resources to accomplish it (Eph 2:10).”

 - Bill Sitter, C12 Central Texas


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