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High5God Community with James Webb is a spiritual focus on celebrating, growing, and bringing light and positivity to God’s Divine Purpose in our lives. Together, we can build a community of collaboration, trust, love, spirituality, and personal growth through inspirational stories to uplift and encourage one another and learn more about Kingdom living.


I am James Webb, CEO & Founder of High5God and JWI Investments, subsidiaries of James Webb International, LLC. Over the past few years, I have felt a continued calling to share and inspire others with God's touch in our daily lives. I have spent many years' studying and educating myself so that I can use my extensive Adult Learning knowledge to encourage others to transform and transpire how they live their lives. I work with teams and individuals, encouraging people to flourish in their lives by practicing simple and effective techniques.

A world-class speaker, author, leadership, communication, and values strategist, I strive to change the world one behavior at a time. Most recently, I have spent my time talking to others and collecting stories of inspirational success from those who patiently followed God's perfect plan. Help me spread the word of good and positivity by actively sharing in High5God Community.



To promote a global spiritual awareness through storytelling and community participation to increase the self-actualization of Godly values.

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To teach, train and spread Godly values to everyone for a better tomorrow.

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